C litter Golden Sun whelped 17.05.19

May. 17, 2019

4 males and 4 females

Four males whelped, 2 black and white and 2 brown and white. Four females whelped, 3 black and white and 1 brown and white.

Beatrix v Golden Sun and Oscar KS vom Theelshof

C Litter breeding announcement

Pregnancy confirmed--anticipated whelp date is 15 May 2019

This is a performance breeding of two of the most talented DK's in the DK genepool today. This mating combines the best of North American and  European proven hunting and testing  lines availble.

We expect the pups to have the same qualities of the parents which will make very harmonious and elegant DK's. Both parents excel in obedient hunting, love of water, tracking and retrieving.

Deposits being taken for choice of sex.


Beatrix v Golden Sun ahnentafel

Beatrix at about 42 days with pups


Oscar KS v Theelshof ahnentafel

Oscar KS v Theelshof

Tobi and Oscar at 2018 NAKP

Oscar KS v Theelshof

Oscar and Beatrix