Beatrix v Golden Sun 000616

Bea's ahnentafel

Bosco v Dakota 111515

D Litter

Breeding to take place Late Oct. 2020

Beatrix v Golden Sun 000616 D2(J) D1, VJP 76, S1, HZP 180, VGP 291 Pz.II, NAKP 1, 136pts. suchenseiger, HD-A1 HN Fw: V


Bosco v Dakota 111515
D1, VJP 69, AZP1, VGP 1 309 pts. V, Btr, HN,A-2

Beatrix is a 62cm, very elegant DK. Bea is very calm and confident, making her an exceptional asset to the DK gene pool. Beatrix’s test scores only reflect a small portion of the ability and character she possesses. Bea carries the strength to hunt all day, everyday with enthusiasm.

Bred, born and raised in central South Dakota, Beatrix learned from a very early age about the upland bird game. Bea has had hundreds of birds shot for her, and enjoys every minute from pinning a running rooster to a clean correct delivery. Her water work is with precision, she excels in goose hunting and retrieving big geese to hand. Her forest work is methodical and cooperative. If game is present Beatrix will produce it, and produce it honestly, precisely and with style. Beatrix works for you and the gun.

Bosco vom Dakota

1115/15 D1, VJP 69, AZP1, VGP1 309 Pz.1, HN Btr. HD-A2
Whelp: 26.06.15
M: Aero vom Dakota 123209
V: Vladimire von der Madlage 080612

A striking noble DK male with very dark pigment. He is a V male at 66 cm and 75 pounds. He exhibits a strong Hege Haus type head. In the field Basko is a powerful field dog with a wide search (4h AZP). He demonstrates exceptional use of nose and is equally as powerful in the water. He was completely steady at 15 months. It is rare to give him a command twice. This is a dog that has been trained and tested by myself not a professional trainer his performance is verified with his testing scores D1, AZP1, VGP1.

He is sharp on predators, but does not go looking for them. He has never had an issue with other canines and has never been in any dogfight. He is a house dog and exhibits perfect mental stability. Basco is the best wild pheasant dog I have ever owned. He is exceptional on running pheasants and does not bust birds. ~Todd Waite

Bosco's ahnentafel

D litter Pups born on 5 January 2021

Bea had six brown and white males, two black and white females and one brown and white female. All pups are spoken for and will be ready to go to their new homes the first week in March 2021.

D-litter Golden Sun at one week